15 Myths About Hormone Pellets in Arizona

There are many myths about the various forms of testosterone replacement therapy. This is especially true with hormone pellets in Arizona, which is an alternative delivery method for testosterone and estradiol.  Other forms of therapy include the use of testosterone creams or injectables, and estradiol pills or creams.

Today we’re dispelling 15 myths about hormone pellets.

It will hurt. The testosterone pellet insertion procedure is quick and painless.  The only part you feel is the initial injection of a shot of lidocaine to numb the area.

Women can’t take testosterone. Not true!  Testosterone is a major hormone in both men and women.  While it’s true men have a much higher level of testosterone in their body, the ovaries produce both estrogen and testosterone.

Testosterone will make me break out. Acne can occur with testosterone therapy as it makes your skin oilier. This is dose-related and only happens with a few people.

Testosterone will make me angry all the time. Bioidentical testosterone is a natural anti-depressant and generally has a positive effect on moods.

Won’t I get big and bulky all the time? Hormone pellets in Arizona will not cause big, bulky muscles. Testosterone, properly prescribed and monitored, will result in lean muscle, less fat, and faster recovery from exercise.

Testosterone will make my voice deeper. A lot of people remember how their voice changed during puberty and worry they are going to experience a big change while on testosterone.  However, chances are if you’ve gone through puberty already your voice is as deep as it’s going to get!

I will lose my hair. Testosterone therapy will not make you lose your hair.  Hair loss is due to the shrinking of hair follicles and the sensitivity of your hair follicles is determined by genetics and not testosterone.

Testosterone pellets aren’t safe. Not true at all!  In fact, the ingredients in pellets are FDA approved and the distribution of pellets is regulated by the DEA and respective State Pharmacy Boards.

But what about increased heart attack in men? The truth is that testosterone has consistently been shown to protect against heart disease, prostate cancer, diabetes, plaque formation of the brain and loss of energy, libido, and muscle.

I heard that testosterone pellets weren’t natural. The pellets are made from wild yams and soy which have the highest concentration of any substance.

The procedure takes forever. Our skilled and certified doctors insert the pellets in as little as 3 to 10 minutes.  The entire visit takes approximately 30 minutes to review labs and aftercare.

It costs too much money. Prices for hormone pellets in Arizona are the approximately same as injections, pills, and creams for the period of time covered.

The downtime is too long. The pellet procedure is simple.  Women have a three-day bandage to cover the area over the small insertion to ensure sterility. Men have a seven-day bandage to ensure sterility.

These pellets will stay imprisoned in my body. The pellets are 100% pure hormones and get completely dissolved into the bloodstream over a period of time, generally from 4 to 6 months.  Only pure, bioidentical hormones are put in a small fatty area and the body uses them up over time.

I can’t take pellets because I’m already taking cream/pills/shots. Hormone pellets in Arizona are an alternative to taking testosterone injections or creams and an alternative to taking estradiol pills or creams.

We have used other forms of hormones for years and they usually work fine, but now you have another option – hormone pellets in Arizona.  If you would like to know if they are right for you, call our office today to schedule a consultation. You can change back at any time.