Ten Signs of a Damaged Sewer System

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CIPP TechnologyA good drainage system is important for every home. It not only keeps the home clean through proper disposal of waste; but it also facilitates the health of your family, as well as control the infestation of insects that arise due to damaged sewer systems. It’s important to be keen so as to notice any unusual change in your drainage system or any area it passes through, so that you can correct it before it worsens or proves problematic to your family, their health, and yours as well.

Signs of a damaged sewer system

Sewer damage may vary, and it can be caused by different agents as well. Tree roots could penetrate and find their way to your sewer systems causing problems back in the house. On the other hand, drilling could damage the pipes or cracks that may result from the wearing out of the pipes. Early signs include;

Frequent backups

They may occur in the sinks, shower or even in the toilet upon flashing. Take time and check your system, or rather contact the plumber to check the system. Root intrusion and blocked pipes could be one of the leading causes of this. Therefore don’t ignore the sign.


Usually, the drainage systems are supposed to be air tight. In case you are experiencing some odors in your drainage system, then it’s a sign of a problem in the sewer system. Consider having it checked as it may affect you and your family’s’ comfort.

Slow drainage

Clogging may be one of the leading causes of this, where only little amount of water is allowed to pass at a time. However, the problem may be easy to fix, more so if the problem lies in the upper part of the drainage system since you could fix it by removing the clogging materials. However, if it’s further down the system, it could be a warning sign of further complications if no action is taken.

Mold problem

Molds do well in humid or moist environments. Drainage systems often pass near walls; this makes it easy to wet the walls when cracks occur. Subsequently, molds develop, and this signals the problematic area in the system.

Rodent problem

The sudden intrusion of rodents in your home could be quite alarming. However, they could be a sign of a problem in your sewer system. However, it could be hard to identify and consulting an expert is necessary. This is because rodents may make their way over long distance through the sewer system.

Greener patches in the lawn

It signals a better health condition than that of other parts of the yard, often due to leaks in the sewer system that offers, a better growth condition to the greener patches.

Septic waste pooling in the yard

This is a signals a severe problem in your sewerage system. Often results from bursting of the pipes transporting the sewer, it could be quite a destructing site and immediate action ought to be taken.

Drain flies and insects

They are not common under the standard and well-operating sewer system. Signs of the sewer flies or insects such as cockroaches indicate a problem in your sewer system that ought to be looked into. It could not be severe as insects could find their way through tiny cracks, and it could indicate an early sign of the problem.


It occurs near the area where the crack has occurred in the system. The undue pressure from the broken sewer makes the wall crack, and in severe cases, large cracks are observed.

Indentations of lawns

It occurs where a break occurred and slowly allows the sewer to sip; this subsequently leads to dissipation of soil and leaves behind indentations in the grass. If not noticed in time, they could enlarge and at times become swampy.

Get help

If you notice these signs, ensure that you call a plumbing expert immediately. If these problems are left undetected, they could cause adverse damages. For instance, molds are known to cause infections and more so, in houses were young kids are present adults ought to look out for any signs of molds so as to clear them off. This minimizes the risks of falling sick. Some insects and rodents are also a health hazard.



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