Trenchless Pipe Lining: Facts you don’t know

Trenchless Pipe Lining

Most studies show that only 25% of the respondents have been able to invest in sewer line repairs and replacement-and around 3% only are the ones planning to do so in the near future. Sewer lines need to be replaced at least once in every 40 years; a big number of sewer lines across the world are long overdue.

But the good thing is; trenchless pipe replacement and repair is another unique technique that can enable you to update your sewer lines without necessarily interrupting the daily activities for those people who work and live above them.

To get to know some of the facts you didn’t know about trenchless pipe lining and how it is beneficial, read the below facts:

1. Trenchless lining repair needs little or no digging at all.

Traditional pipe repairs need a full excavation. It involves digging deep down the underground as far as 12 inches to 24 inches before you can reach the sewer lines. However, the trenchless lining repair does not involve digging at all; it only needs a small access hole to be dug on the ground, but this is normally in a situation where digging is a must. Thus this technique is time saving, fast and affordable, as well.

2. The trenchless lining repair and replacement is now innovative.

Trenchless pipe repairs and replacements involve now the use of just a small technology to finish the repairs, unlike the traditional ways where one was supposed to dig up the pipe first so that he can repair it, this technology involves running a slightly small, resign-coated tube in the inside of the already existing pipe. This will eventually result to the change in diameter size of the pipe by around ¼ inches. This system is suitable for seamless piping because it helps in preventing tree roots from growing into the pipes. Tree roots are the main reason behind most clogged sewer lines in old homes, but the trenchless pipe replacement will get rid of them all without necessarily requiring the application of chemical root-killing foams.

3. The trenchless repairs are very discrete

You will realize that other times your daily commune is sometimes disrupted or delayed due to sewer line repairs; this is so especially when it comes to the traditional sewer line repair system, as this requires big trenches to be dug up on the ground. Some parts of the road maybe blocked as a result of this, hence is will result in unnecessary delays to people using that particular road. However, when it comes to the trenchless repair?,

all this shall not be needed, and will not harm the driveways, the landscaping or any other outdoor feature. The trenchless lining involves use of modern technology in repairing and replacing it, hence a lot of energy and time is not wasted on it during times of repair, and does not cause much inconveniences to people living around or above it. The repairs are also cost effective.

Therefore, the above are some of the facts you didn’t know about the trenchless pipe lining, but now you know.



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