Things to Consider Before Getting Metal Casting Finishing Services in Ohio

If you want your project to function and look the way it’s supposed to, you’ll need to apply casting finishing services to it after central production is complete. Finishing is intended to inspect the product for defects, proactively preventing disasters, and polish certain aspects that may not be perfect.

But not all casting finishing service providers are the same, and if you want to make the right decision, there are some important factors you’ll have to bear in mind.

Types of Finishing

Before you get too far into the decision-making process, you’ll need to consider the types of finishing that are available to you:

  • Machining and inspection. First, you can machine and inspect your product for surface-level defects. Most contractors will have equipment to test for this.
  • X-ray inspection. Some contractors will also have automated X-ray equipment, which can find tiny defects in your product that the human eye wouldn’t be able to detect—but may still compromise the quality of your part.
  • Heat treating. Heat treating your finished product can improve its dimensional stability and increase its resistance against corrosion.
  • Deburring and cleaning. Cleaning off the gating and flashing on your product will give it a final polish, making it look aesthetically improved and possibly making it more functional at the same time.
  • Assembly. If your parts need to be assembled before being shipped, most facilities will be able to do this.
  • Leak, decay, and pressure testing. Various testing processes can gauge how your product performs in its intended functions, detecting leaks and its ability to withstand pressure, among other metrics.

What Else to Consider?

So what else should you consider before hiring a contractor for metal casting finishing services in Ohio?

  • Equipment. Though most metal casting finishing service providers in Ohio will have similar gear, you’ll want to follow up to ensure that your particular contractor has the equipment to complete every process you want for your parts.
  • Experience. It’s also helpful to get a contractor who has many years to several decades of experience. The more experienced a facility is, and the more experienced the people working there are, the more precise and professionally completed your project will be.
  • Commitment. You should also talk to your account manager or the manager of the facility to get a feel for how much they care about their customers. You want a contractor who’s committed to doing good work, and keeping things as accurate and precise as possible.
  • Cost. Last but not least, you’ll want to consider the cost of your contractor. If everything else is equal, you might as well go with the least expensive competitor.

If you’re in need of casting finishing services in Ohio or if you want more details so you can make a final decision, contact us at Alumalloy Metal Casting today! We’ll get a quote to you in 24 hours or less if you know your project specs, and if not, we can help you decide what you need.



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