How to Reduce Toner Cartridges Usage with Your Epson Laser Printer?

Epson Ecotank

One should learn to change one’s work habits in order to make use of the Epson laser toner cartridges more effectively. Sometimes, we have certain tendencies which do not bode well for the long life of our toner cartridges. At times, we print needlessly and without any requirement in color tones. Then is the issue of replacing the toner which we at times tend to do before it is time to do so. Such habits are not just improper for our environment but also end up costing us a big packet.  Sometimes, we tend to replace the toner cartridge immediately as soon as the warning signal comes for it. What we do not realize is that this signal may come even when about twenty-five percent of the cartridge is still intact. In effect, this could easily translate into four hundred to five hundred pages of documents which can still be printed using the same cartridge.

It is wise to keep a few extra cartridges at hand. But it is not so to change the cartridge without checking up properly. Make it a point to replace the Epson laser toner cartridge only if the printed pages are faded and not printing properly. Do not do so if you get a warning from the system. Then again, it is a good idea to not use the stop/start cycle. During this time, the toner accumulates on the drum. This will happen even if you are not in the process of printing any material. For sidestepping this, use the ‘printer properties’ tab on the computer screen. Adjust its settings so that the pages begin getting printed only after the last page is spooled. In effect, this will cut down on the numbers of times the printer starts and stops. At the end of the day, you would have saved a lot of your toner.

If you are printing a web page, it is best to check on the preview before actually printing the page. At times, one comes across some amount of extraneous matter. One could even have some advertisements or even improper margins and comments from users in the page. These can easily be sidestepped if you first view the preview and cut the crap out of it. Be very careful when printing advertisements since these take up a color of the color Epson laser toner cartridge supplies and not all of the matter may be required to be printed. Try to select beforehand to avoid extra printouts.

It is a wise decision to print in black and white tones as far as is possible. Do not use the color cartridges unless and until really required. These are far more expensive, no doubt. In addition, there is no point wasting valuable ink if such is not the call of the hour or the need of the moment. If one takes such small steps, we can go a long way in getting more value for our money from our Epson laser toner cartridges.



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