Can a Chiropractor Help with a Colicky Baby?

Chiropractic for Colicky Babies

Colic is heart-breaking for parents. Watching your baby cry and scream for hours, not knowing what to do and unable to help soothe him and unable to bring him relief. Colic is responsible for countless sleepless nights, and it leaves you frustrated, exhausted and irritable as if being at your wit’s end is not enough. Colic, although not a deadly disease, is one of the most common diagnoses associated with spells of abdominal pain in infants aged between two weeks and four months.

Parents are willing to try anything just to get their baby to stop crying, but what options are available? One of the remedies more parents are turning to nowadays is chiropractic.

Chiropractic for Colicky Babies

Chiropractic has been used by many families for a long time to address colic and is one of the safest, natural ways for colicky baby treatment. Some studies have shown that chiropractic has a 94% success rate in dealing with a colicky baby. Unlike other forms of treatment which only give temporary relief, chiropractors aim to get to the root of the problem.

The birth process is something that can be traumatic for little humans. Their tiny bodies get stressed during birth, and there is no difference between natural and surgical birth. Aside from the stress of the birth process, there is also the prolonged sitting in forced positions in prams and car seats, as well as poorly-designed baby carriers, and all these things can cause misalignments in the baby’s tiny spine, also called subluxations. This can distort the nerve signals between the body and the brain and prevents messages from getting to the correct parts of the body at the correct time.

During chiropractic, gentle and specific adjustments are made to correct any misalignments to the spine. This relieves pressure on the nervous system and gives the body a chance to function at it’s very best. Touch is a primal need in today’s fast-paced society, and a gentle touch is more effective than colicky baby medication. The healing power of touch can help soothe and calm your baby and allow him to process outside stimulation a lot better.

What to expect from a visit to the chiropractor

A visit to the chiropractor begins with a full history, as well as details of the current complain. Parents can expect a few questions about the birth, neonatal history, nutrition, sleep habits, bowel movements, family history and medical diagnoses. A full examination comes next which includes measuring vital signs for any abnormalities.

Babies are then held in a comfortable position, and individual spinal segments are moved, feeling for any restricted motion. The treatment for a restricted segment is a very light and quick force applied in the direction of the restriction. Most of the time babies do not react to joint adjustments. Sometimes they may cry out for a moment because they are startled, but they rarely cry for more than a few seconds. After treatment from a chiropractor, babies are relaxed and calm, and they even fall asleep before the end of the visit.



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