Hospital Carts: How to Use Them Effectively

Hospital Carts

Modern medical carts are a popular component of today’s medical care. They provide easy access to necessary supplies on a daily basis. This makes for a less stressed staff as well as happier patients who don’t have to wait as long for their care.

Without proper planning, however, using hospital carts effectively can be difficult. Setting a standard for the use of medical mobile carts can help you run your healthcare facility more efficiently.

Setting A Standard

In order to get the most use from your medical mobile cart, there are a few important factors to keep in mind.

  • Keep them stocked
  • Keep them charged
  • Keep them sanitized

Keep Them Stocked

Those who use their mobile workstations effectively know that creating a routine of keeping medical carts properly stocked is imperative. When preparing to care for a patient, it is frustrating and time-consuming to need to track down necessary supplies. It’s a good practice to start or end a shift with the restocking of the medical carts. This ensures the carts are regularly stocked with the right equipment.

Keep Them Charged

If your hospital carts carry a computer or a blood pressure machine, they are most likely battery powered.

Making sure your machines stay powered prevent interruptions in the healthcare process.

Depending on which type of battery power system your carts use, you may be able to keep your machines plugged in as needed.

If you use a swappable battery system, the frequency with which you change your batteries will depend on the power capabilities of your battery. Medical cart batteries can last anywhere from 8 to 24 hours.

Creating a regular schedule for swapping out batteries will save the hassle of a dead battery and an unusable machine.

Keep Them Sanitized

One of the most basic standards in any hospital is getting patients well. This means helping patients heal, but it also means preventing them from contracting any additional illness while in the hospital setting.

Keeping your mobile workstations sanitized is part of the sanitation process.

Disinfecting wipes are typically all these stations need to keep them germ-free between patients. Carts with a sturdy aluminum or stainless-steel construction are easier to keep sanitary than products made of plastic.

Other Considerations

Finding the right storage place for carts when not in use is important. An out-of-the-way spot is ideal.

It is also important to have hospital carts that have solid, quality wheels that are soundless and robust.

Medical carts that are lightweight and ergonomically designed will improve the user’s efficiency also.



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