Colposcopy In Scottsdale: How To Prepare And What To Expect

Colposcopy In Scottsdale

If your pap smear results come back as being abnormal, you’re probably wondering what’s next. First, pat yourself on the back – it’s great that you’ve been responsible by prioritizing your health with preventative care! Next, your doctor will likely follow up by making an appointment for a diagnostic exam called a colposcopy in Scottsdale.

We know that hearing news like this can be somewhat scary, and since knowledge is power, today we’re sharing a colposcopy overview so that you will know how to prepare and what to expect.

A colposcopy is a procedure that offers an enlarged view of the cervix, vaginal tissues, and vulvar areas. Using a colposcope, your doctor will be able to determine if you need a cervical biopsy.

What An Abnormal Pap Smear Indicates

It simply means that there have been changes to the cells in your cervix. Results range from mild, moderate, severe to cancerous. It is very important to follow up and identify the results for proper treatment.

Left untreated, pre-cancerous changes could develop into cervical cancer. As you know, early detection and treatment means a higher chance of survival and non-invasive treatment options. A colposcopy exam will reveal what’s going on and help define your next steps.

Preparing For Your Colposcopy In Scottsdale

First, talk to your doctor about what to expect during the exam. Prepare a list of any questions or concerns that may have. Though the procedure isn’t typically painful, some women find some level of discomfort, especially if a biopsy is required. Taking something to help manage the pain beforehand can be helpful.
In some cases, women bleed during and/or after the procedure, so bring your preferred tampon or pad to your appointment.

What To Expect During The Colposcopy In Scottsdale

You’ll lie down on a table with your legs in stirrups, and a speculum is used to view your cervix. A vinegar solution is applied to the cervix, and abnormal cells will change colors, signifying whether you need a biopsy. If so, the biopsy will be sent to a pathologist who returns a report typically within a week. You may have a follow-up appointment to discuss the results.

What Can Be Revealed From A Colposcopy In Scottsdale

This exam is used to determine if a biopsy is needed; biopsy results are classified as follows:

    1. CIN I: Mild dysplasia (abnormal cells)
    1. CIN II: Moderate dysplasia
    1. CIN III: Severe dysplasia, carcinoma in-situ
  • In most cases, anything irregular simply means that you need to be monitored more closely, usually with more frequent pap smears. In some cases, a procedure called LEEP is performed to remove the abnormal cells.

    Aftercare And Follow-Up Steps Following Colposcopy In Scottsdale


    For a few days following the colposcopy, patients might experience mild bleeding and/or a black, vaginal discharge that resembles a coffee grind. This is caused by a medication used during the colposcopy.

    If a biopsy was performed, refrain from sexual intercourse for one week following the procedure; otherwise, your life can continue as normal. If you are on birth control, continue as prescribed. You may shower, bathe, and use tampons right away.
    If your pap-smear results are abnormal, a colposcopy in Scottsdale is the best and easiest way to evaluate next steps. We’re here to help you live the healthiest life possible, contact us today for any questions, concerns or to schedule an appointment!



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