7 Reasons to Install Roller Shutters in Canberra

Roller Shutters

Sometime back, roller shutters could only be installed on commercial and industrial premises. They were considered bulky and unattractive, as they were known for offering maximum security. A lot has changed since then though, and nowadays roller shutters can provide unique style and be a practical addition to your home. Here are the top 7 reasons as to why you need to consider installing roller shutters Canberra style:

1. Security

Having been modified into lighter and less bulky shutters, this type of shutters offer extra security. Even once closed, roller shutters blend well with your home’s appearance, hence no need to sacrifice style for the sake of security.

2. Thermal insulation

Roller shutters installed nowadays offer extra thermal insulation. They come in handy for sun-facing windows as all you need to do is simply lower them to block the sun’s rays and maintain your home’s cool temperatures. During winter, they insulate against loss of heat from the windows too.

3. Acoustic insulation

In today’s market, it is possible to find huge ranges of roller shutters Canberra style, to dampen noise to tolerable levels or even offer sound insulation. They are a perfect choice for homes facing a school, busy road or any other noisy location.

4. Fire protection

Roller shutters are mandated for houses in extreme fire danger zones. Even in moderate fire danger zones, roller shutters would be the best decision for your home. In case of a fire outbreak, you may be engaged in rescuing some of your property, and roller shutters could make a big difference between losing everything you leave behind or saving it.

5. Ease of use

If the term “roller shutters” reminds you of shutters that require so much effort to open unmovable a few years down the line, you must be thinking of a time that has past. Modern roller shutters glide effortlessly where the motorised ones can be operated by remote controls. The smooth glide applies to both manual and motorised shutters.

6. Versatility

There areas of roller shutter installation are limitless. Stylish indoor shutters serve a variety of purpose, ranging from room division to patio enclosure. What’s more, roller shutter doors can be used as a connection between your patio to your indoor room.

7. Style

If you think roller shutters have limited style, you need to stop in your tracks. Our Roller Shutter Design collection gives you a wide variety of styles to choose from, not to mention the possibility of customization. Today’s’ roller shutters are no longer an eyesore, but an aesthetic appeal that significantly enhances your home’s appearance. What’s more, modern roller shutters can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

It is important to compare quotes from several suppliers before deciding on what to go for. Not only will you get the best deal in terms of quality, but price as well. Some suppliers offer professional installation services as an after sale service, hence you get it done free of charge! Enjoy the use of trouble fee roller shutters for years to come!



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