Bringing Out The Beauty Of The Bathroom Walls And Floors

Calgary in Canada has been consistently recognized as one of its most livable cities offering its citizens a very good quality of life. It is also a city which is known to have the highest number of per capital millionaires living in Canada. This makes for a cosmopolitan city which, with its humid continental type of climate, is home to some of the most aesthetically built homes.

Care for these homes is rarely a problem with the kind of skilled workmen available but the sheer amount of water that a bathroom needs to cope with, makes it one of the rooms which demands additional care and attention.

The fact that the design has the potential to transform any space from ordinary to extraordinary can, perhaps, be best seen in a bathroom. Some ways in which to spruce up a bathroom include:

Selection of wall papers: The walls of any room present one of the best opportunities for its remodeling. Floor to ceiling wall papers not only make the bathroom look bigger in height, it also imparts a fresh and airy feel to the room. In fact selection of the perfect wallpaper for a bathroom makes the whole bathroom look quite lovely and eye-catchy.

Selection of the wall colours: There are many options available for people who prefer painting the walls of the bathroom in different hues and shades. Some pointers to choose the correct wall colour for the bathroom are given below like:

1. Cool and muted colours have a very calm and soothing effect,

2. For imparting a cosy warmth, deep and rich colours should be used,

3. Warm earth colours make for an elegant setting and which helps to flatter the skin tones,

4. One can never go wrong with neutral colours,

5. Vibrant colours help to keep the bathroom energized thereby acting as a motivation for people using it.

Wall tiles: Covering the walls of the bathroom with tiles helps protect them from water intrusions provided the grouting is done properly and renewed regularly. In fact installation of the wall tiles also makes it easy to clean and maintain while at the same time increases the beauty of the bathroom where they are installed.

Floor tiles: Selection of floor tiles for the bathroom can also help change its look. For example placing larger tiles on the floor makes the bathroom look virtually big. In fact grouting the tiles together using a slightly different colour also makes the grout stand out thereby making the floor look even more attractive. Patterns and colour schemes for the bathroom floor need to be chosen taking the fixtures and the wall décor into consideration.

Flooring material choice: There are many choices available for the selection of flooring material for the bathroom. Some of the practical choices which also increase the beauty of the bathroom floor are stone, porcelain, ceramic, laminate floor, engineered wood etc.

Light fixtures: The use of proper lighting brings out the best in any room in a way nothing else can. The bathroom is a place which demands both soft and muted lighting as well as strong lighting. It is the strategic placement of the lights which help enhance the beauty of the bathroom and bring out the best in its walls and floors.

Bathroom essential fixtures: Bath-tubs, basins, taps, shower panels and all other essential requirements of the bathroom need to be chosen keeping the floor and wall colour schemes and patterns into consideration. Once this is achieved, they add to the whole effect thereby ensuring that bathrooms get converted into glamour rooms.

While decorating the other rooms, people tend to forget to decorate their bathrooms. But these rooms once decorated help to bring about continuity in design patterns from the rooms to the bathrooms, thus giving the whole house a look of beauty, grace and charm.

Author Bio: The author is a person who is an authority in “Flooring Calgary”. Coming up with quirky ideas is a hobby he loves to indulge in for his ideas work wonders to the rooms on which they are employed.