Important Benefits of Using Digital Restaurant Menu Board Signs

Digital signage has taken the commercial sector by storm. This change has been most visible in the restaurant sector. Partly necessitated by laws and regulations, the use of the digital menu board has grown in popularity exponentially. Here, we are going to take a look at a few important benefits of incorporating digital menu boards in a restaurant.

Edit and Update

One of the reasons why the use of digital menu boards is a no-brainer for restaurant businesses is simply because it makes it easier to edit and update the restaurant menu. From adjusting prices to updating the menu according to the day of the week or time of day, a digital menu gives restauranteurs the ability to make quick changes to the menu on the fly without disrupting business or causing any confusion among their customers.

Push the Up-Sell

The digital menu board is also a great way for restaurants to promote the up-sell without sounding too pushy. Digital screens can display items on the menu that are complimentary. Beverages, fries and even super-sizing options can be promoted to customers without being too on the nose about it. The high-resolution digital screens used in this signage give a compelling and appetizing preview to the customers placing their orders.

Centralized Control

With the use of a digital menu board, restaurant managers can now have more control over the information that’s displayed on the menu boards in their outlets across multiple locations. This makes sure that their customers are able to get the information they need on various deals and promotions, or any other information since all the information is synced and controlled from a single location.

Cut Costs of Signage

When compared to using static menu signage, digital menu boards are much easier to install and maintain. They also ensure that all the menu boards of a restaurant have the exact same information, if needed. In this way, a digital menu board gives better value for money by being affordable to design and install. They eliminate the possibility of any additional expenses that’s got to do with errors or misprints.

Reduces Wait-Time of Customers

Your digital menu board can contain information other than what’s on the menu, such as interesting facts, promotional content and trivia. This value-added information keeps customers busy while they are waiting for their order and creates the perception of reduced-waiting time.

Ending Note

Apart from the many benefits that have been mentioned here, using a digital menu board also ensures that a restaurant establishment is abiding by the rules and regulations of the state and local government. This is especially important since Title VI of the recent healthcare legislation clearly states that all restaurants that are part of a chain of more than 20 restaurants need to inform their customers of the number of calories in each item on the menu. Using a digital menu board makes it a lot easier for restaurants to display this sort of information and make quick changes, if the caloric value of certain foods and beverages changes.