5 Leading Causes of Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatic Nerve Pain

There are multiple causes of sciatic nerve pain, with over three million cases reported each year. Most sciatica symptoms are caused by some common (and some not so common) conditions. Sciatic nerve pain can range from uncomfortable to debilitating.

What conditions can cause sciatic nerve pain?

1.Herniated and bulging discs

Herniated and bulging intervertebral discs can lead to compression of nerves within the spinal canal. These discs also contain an acidic chemical that acts as an inflammatory substance. Both compression and irritation can cause sciatic nerve pain, numbness, tingling, muscle weakness, and other sensory symptoms.

Herniated or bulging discs are often caused by degenerative disc diseases and sometimes by trauma to the spine.

2.Trauma to the spine

Car accidents, contact sports injuries, whiplash injuries, and falls can all cause moderate to severe trauma to the spine. Depending on the type of resulting injury, sciatic nerve pain can become a chronic symptom. Patients who have been in accidents where their lower back or neck were impacted are more likely to experience sciatic nerve pain.

This trauma can be treated effectively in many ways, including via chiropractic care.

3.Spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a condition most often caused by the normal wear and tear of aging. However, some individuals are born with spine defects or naturally narrow spinal canals, while others develop scoliosis or bone tumors. All these conditions can lead to spinal stenosis and be a direct cause of sciatic nerve pain.

Spinal stenosis can also lead to pain in the neck and back, tingling in the arms, legs, feet, and hands, and in severe cases, bladder, and bowel control issues.

4.Spinal tumors

Spinal tumors may have many causes, from genetic disorders to cancerous growths. Luckily, most spinal tumors are benign, but may still be symptomatic. This includes pain and discomfort, as well as compression of nerves within the spinal canal, which again often leads to severe sciatic nerve pain symptoms.

Other symptoms of spinal tumors include back pain, painful walking, loss of bowel or bladder control, and pain at the site of growth.


This is another fairly common condition, especially amongst athletes or those who regularly engage in sports activities. Spondylolisthesis can cause sciatic nerve pain because it involves an intervertebral disc in the lower back slipping onto the bone beneath it. When this disc slips, it can put pressure on nerves and cause back and leg pain.

Chiropractic care and sciatic nerve pain

These are some of the leading causes of sciatic nerve pain, but individuals develop these symptoms for many reasons and often seek treatment through chiropractic care.

Sciatic nerve pain is a common condition that chiropractors examine and treat regularly. Rehabilitative exercises that work the muscles and nerves affected by sciatica and its various causes are often extremely helpful. Deep tissue massage, electric nerve stimulation, and other gentle methods can assist in improving or ridding a patient of these symptoms.

For those suffering from sciatic nerve pain symptoms in the Waterford, Michigan area, there are non-invasive, effective treatments available through these therapeutic chiropractic methods.


Sexual Assault: 10 Tips to Protect Yourself

If you have been sexually assaulted, you are not at fault. Many are times people have been blamed for being sexually assaulted for reasons such as, the clothes they wore were too provocative, or the walking style was suggestive. This, however, does not stand as a reason for the assault. The perpetrator is the ONLY one to blame. They decided to defile you, and they SHOULD be held accountable for their actions. You should not blame yourself or let anyone condemn you for that matter.

In that regard, I want to empower you with ten tips on how to avoid sexual assault. If by any chance, after following these tips, you encounter aggression, remember you are still NOT at fault. These tips reduce your risks of attack by helping you become more aware of the environment around you.

1.Trust your Gut Feeling.

When your instincts warn you to be cautious about someone, leave the person’s company. If at a social gathering you feel uneasy, leave the party. Always listen to your gut feeling. It is the body’s self-defense mechanism.

2.Maintain Privacy in your Online Accounts.

It is not wise to share too much information of your personal life in the social media platforms. This is because it attracts the wrong attention of those around you. Statistically, 61% of the perpetrators are people familiar to the victims. Maintaining privacy, therefore, ensures that little or no information is available for use against you in any attack.

3.Always be Resourceful.

When leaving your house, ensure that your phone’s battery is fully charged and that you have extra cash for emergencies. Having the phone numbers for cab companies helps you to be prepared.

4.Be on the Watch Out.

When walking alone, look out for dark alleys and any suspicious looking fellows. Look carefully at your surroundings to avoid surprise attacks. Avoid listening to music through the earphones but instead, listen to your surroundings. Tranquil paths signify very few or deserted tracks which are more risky to walk in, therefore, stick to populated areas. Walk with confidence and try to walk in groups of people when going anywhere especially at night.

5.Alert the Friends of your Whereabouts.

When going on a date or party, ensure that your friends or family know your destination. Have a secret code known only by the two of you in case of emergencies to allow for rescuing.

6.Keep the Company of your Friends especially at a Party.

Wandering alone in clubs or house-parties is risky as an attacker may corner you with the intentions of defiling you. Make sure if you are uncomfortable, consider leaving for home.

7.Be Conscious of your Alcohol Intake.

Over half of the sexual assaults reported are alcohol-related. In case you enjoy indulging in alcohol, it is wise to ensure that you maintain your limit, especially at parties to avoid being drugged. Take care of your drink and don’t leave it neglected. If you do, buy another and don’t accept a bottle from someone you don’t know.

8.Don’t feel Guilty of Saying No.

If your date suggests taking things to ‘the next level,’ but you feel uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to reject their advances. Lay down your limits and stand firmly by them. The other person should respect and withdrawal from any sexual affair.

9.Think of a Course of Action In Case of an Attack.

Imagine the reaction you would undertake equips you with a meticulous plan of work serving as a response to the unfortunate event. It should involve, being composed, seeking an escape route and in case of emergency, warding off your attacker.

10.Use Muscle as a Last Resort.

It works as a component of surprise in the event where there is no place to run. It can act as a lifesaver through the force applied and the unpredictability aspect. Easy steps such as shin kick and palm strike are active when well-practiced and mastered to disable the attacker.


Writing the Perfect Resume


You can strengthen your resume with a cover letter. Some people think this is an old school, but a good cover letter can enhance your resume. This is an opportunity to cover in depth some skills, experience, achievements, explain your career goals and highlight your interest in a position.


7 Reasons to Install Roller Shutters in Canberra

Roller Shutters

Sometime back, roller shutters could only be installed on commercial and industrial premises. They were considered bulky and unattractive, as they were known for offering maximum security. A lot has changed since then though, and nowadays roller shutters can provide unique style and be a practical addition to your home. Here are the top 7 reasons as to why you need to consider installing roller shutters Canberra style:

1. Security

Having been modified into lighter and less bulky shutters, this type of shutters offer extra security. Even once closed, roller shutters blend well with your home’s appearance, hence no need to sacrifice style for the sake of security.

2. Thermal insulation

Roller shutters installed nowadays offer extra thermal insulation. They come in handy for sun-facing windows as all you need to do is simply lower them to block the sun’s rays and maintain your home’s cool temperatures. During winter, they insulate against loss of heat from the windows too.

3. Acoustic insulation

In today’s market, it is possible to find huge ranges of roller shutters Canberra style, to dampen noise to tolerable levels or even offer sound insulation. They are a perfect choice for homes facing a school, busy road or any other noisy location.

4. Fire protection

Roller shutters are mandated for houses in extreme fire danger zones. Even in moderate fire danger zones, roller shutters would be the best decision for your home. In case of a fire outbreak, you may be engaged in rescuing some of your property, and roller shutters could make a big difference between losing everything you leave behind or saving it.

5. Ease of use

If the term “roller shutters” reminds you of shutters that require so much effort to open unmovable a few years down the line, you must be thinking of a time that has past. Modern roller shutters glide effortlessly where the motorised ones can be operated by remote controls. The smooth glide applies to both manual and motorised shutters.

6. Versatility

There areas of roller shutter installation are limitless. Stylish indoor shutters serve a variety of purpose, ranging from room division to patio enclosure. What’s more, roller shutter doors can be used as a connection between your patio to your indoor room.

7. Style

If you think roller shutters have limited style, you need to stop in your tracks. Our Roller Shutter Design collection gives you a wide variety of styles to choose from, not to mention the possibility of customization. Today’s’ roller shutters are no longer an eyesore, but an aesthetic appeal that significantly enhances your home’s appearance. What’s more, modern roller shutters can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

It is important to compare quotes from several suppliers before deciding on what to go for. Not only will you get the best deal in terms of quality, but price as well. Some suppliers offer professional installation services as an after sale service, hence you get it done free of charge! Enjoy the use of trouble fee roller shutters for years to come!


Why Mobile Laptop Workstations are Essential to Hospital Operations

laptop workstations on wheels

The healthcare industry recently has had many medical technological breakthroughs. From legislation requiring electronic medical records to newer and more sophisticated treatment systems and equipment, technology has made itself a major part of hospitals and the doctor-patient relationship.

One of the most critical pieces of technology that stands at the forefront of this revolution is something that is simple yet elegant: laptop workstations on wheels.

How can Laptop Workstations on Wheels Help?

More than ever before, workstations need to go wherever they are needed. Having a laptop workstation on wheels has become a necessity for hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Let’s consider a routine patient visit to the hospital, with and without a laptop workstation on wheels.

The patient typically meets with a nurse for assessment before seeing a doctor. Traditionally, the nurse would record the patient’s height and weight along with their reported symptoms on paper and then walk to a stationary computer at the nurses’ bay to fill in this information on a stationary computer.

During this time, he/she could be forgetting crucial details or getting distracted by other people interacting with him/her.

Now consider the same situation, but with a laptop workstation on wheels accompanying the nurse. They meet with the patient, and can directly input their height, weight and reported symptoms into the computer while having the face-to-face discussion, free of any other distractions.

They can verify anything they are confused about immediately since the patient is right in front of them. The nurse saves time, the patient is more engaged, and the lack of a second paper record means the patient’s medical records stay away from prying eyes.

Assisting Doctors

The next step of the patient’s visit is meeting with the doctor. Like the nurse’s situation, the doctor has access to a laptop workstation on wheels and all its benefits. The doctor can immediately access the patient’s medical history, test results, and family history. He/she can now spend more time discussing the patient’s current situation.

The patient no longer has to answer the same questions every time they meet a different doctor. While diagnosing any conditions, the doctor can use the laptop workstation on wheels to search medical databases in order to have more confidence in his/her diagnosis.

Finally, the doctor can update the patient’s medical records immediately and with the patient’s help, rather than go through the same process that a nurse would use without a mobile workstation. They can also immediately share the results with the patient and their caregivers by a quick email.

All this gives the doctor’s more one-on-one time with the patient, addressing the number 1 complaint that patients have about their hospital experience.

Final Thoughts

Doctors and medical staff are spared a lot of administrative work and can accommodate more patients in a single day by adding mobile laptop workstations to their toolbox.

This simple piece of technology can have a dramatic impact on operational efficiency, patient care, and the hospital’s bottom line.


History and Features of the Hawkbill Knife

History and Features of the Hawkbill Knife

There is a certain fascination with hawkbill knives, due in large part to the wicked looking inward curve of the blade. So much so that the hawkbill pocket knife is growing in popularity.

However, there’s not much information about the history of the knife, so we’ll check out what’s known. The shape does tell us a lot, so we’ll be looking more at that as well.

History of the Hawkbill

Hawkbill knives got their start as a farming tool. It’s unknown exactly the region of the world where the knife originated, but it quickly spread across the globe, and many militaries adopted it.
Both the spine and edge curve downward, reminiscent of a hawk’s beak or talon, indicating that the people were very close to nature.

Features of a Hawkbill Knife

The hawkbill’s downward curve allows the user to utilize the entire length of the blade for cutting. It also means that not a lot of pressure is needed to make a cut. The tip isn’t much good for piercing, though it can be used to slash materials, such as grain sacks.

The handle is straight, which is the most visible difference between the hawkbill and the karambit.

Original Uses

Farmers appeared to have first used this style blade for agrarian purposes, such as harvesting grains, pruning branches, and also for fishing. The inward curve of the blade makes it possible to cut a line in bad weather without the knife continually slipping off.

DIYers and craftsmen use it for cutting linoleum and for stripping wires.


Other Uses

The hawkbill has found a place for itself in the self-defense market as an excellent combat knife. Held in the reverse grip, so the tip lays along your arm and pointing out, it makes a brilliant slashing weapon.
The best looking knife in the world can’t compensate for lack of experience, so make sure you take self-defense courses that specialize in hawkbill or karambit fighting.


As with so many knives, hawkbill knives have been modified by adding bits and pieces from other knives. For example, the safety finger loops from karambits are often found on hawkbill knives. Another one is the tanto replacing the hawkbill’s tip. This gives it more tip strength while still maintaining the inward curve of the edge.

Most people buy a hawkbill knife just because they like the way it looks in addition to its durability and functionality for everyday carry use.

If you’re looking for a hawkbill pocket knife for sale online, make sure the knife maker has a good reputation. A
After all, the quality and utility of a knife is determined by the skill of the knife maker and the materials her or she uses.


How Crowns Can Improve Your Smile

How Crowns Can Improve Your Smile

A dental crown is a permanent cover that fits over a natural tooth to fix damage or hide a structural flaw. Crowns are made of strong, durable materials like porcelain or gold, which makes them stain-resistant and stronger than natural tooth enamel.

Why choose a crown?

There are many good reasons to choose a crown. Crowns can:

  • replace the lost portion of a broken tooth
  • keep the portions of a cracked tooth together
  • reinforce a tooth that is needed to support a bridge
  • restore a broken dental implant
  • fill a large cavity that cannot be fixed with a filling
  • improve the health of a compromised tooth
  • hide a badly shaped tooth
  • hide a badly stained tooth
  • reduce the risk of tooth fractures in teeth weakened by root canal treatment

What material is used?

Crowns are made from ceramic materials like porcelain, or metals like gold, titanium, or stainless steel. Patients usually have a choice of a full ceramic, a full metal, or a combination crown that combines ceramic and metal materials.

How is a crown fitted?

It generally takes two appointments to fit a crown. Your dentist will do a thorough exam of the affected tooth during the first visit to make sure that a crown is the best option for you. If it is, then your dentist will take a mold of your teeth, so the dimensions of the crown will be precise. Your affected tooth will then be filed down slightly, so there is enough space for the crown to slip right down to the gum line. Your dentist will then fit a temporary crown before you leave the first appointment.

At the second appointment, your dentist will remove the temporary crown, clean, disinfect your tooth and then secure the permanent crown. They will also fill any cavities and chips before the crown is cemented down so there is no risk that decay will creep in below the crown.

Many dentists advertise services for dental crowns in Michigan. Make sure you choose a dental office that has a good reputation and a record of accomplishment of successful crown procedures.

A stronger bite for life

The bottom line is that crowns are the affordable and long-lasting way to repair the strength and appearance of a damaged tooth. They look and feel natural, are resistant to breaking and improve the strength of your bite.


Procedures, Risks, and Recovery for Intraocular Lens Implant Surgery

Cataracts affect most people and are usually age-related, although they can affect younger people, children, and even babies. A cataract forms when a build-up of protein occurs, causing the eye’s transparent lens becomes clouded over and blurring the vision.

There is a safe and effective surgical procedure for the removal of cataracts. If you are experiencing symptoms such as cloudy vision, significant glare from bright lights, or difficulty seeing in low light, your eye doctor may recommend intraocular lens implant surgery.

What Is an Intraocular Lens Implant?

An intraocular lens implant is an artificial replacement for your eye’s natural lens. It’s about one-third of the size of a dime and made of clear, flexible plastic. Intraocular lens implants can also be used to correct conditions such as near-sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia, in addition to fixing the cataract.

The Procedure

Intraocular lens implant surgery is typically done under local anesthetic, though surgeons sometimes offer sedatives to nervous patients. The surgeon makes a small incision in the cornea, the front surface of the eye. They then break up the natural lens and remove it.

The surgeon then implants the intraocular lens, usually in between the cornea and iris, the colored part of the eye. In some cases, the surgeon may implant the lens behind the pupil. After the lens is in place, the surgeon may close the incision with small sutures, but this is not always necessary. The procedure typically takes less than an hour to complete.

The Risks

There are few risks involved in intraocular lens implant surgery. Redness or swelling is common, and some patients notice slight bleeding. Serious side effects occur very rarely. These can include infection, a detached retina, vision loss, or dislocation of the lens implant. If any of these occur, contact your eye doctor immediately for medical assistance.

The Recovery Process

After the surgery, the ophthalmologist will cover your eye with a patch that you’ll need to wear for a day or two. You won’t be able to drive yourself home, so your eye doctor will recommend you have a friend or family member take you home.

You may be sensitive to light and experience discomfort in the eye. You’ll be given medication to make you more comfortable, as well as eye drops to prevent inflammation and infection. The recovery period can last anywhere from two to four weeks.

Patients recovering from cataract surgery should avoid bending down, bumping into things, sneezing, vomiting, or anything else that could put pressure on or cause trauma to the eye.

The Bottom Line

Intraocular lens implant surgery is a safe, effective way to restore your vision. If you’re suffering from any symptoms of cataracts, have your eyes examined by a qualified eye doctor, who can discuss your options with you and refer you to a specialist.


Why Should I Consider a Remote Start System for My Car?


Remote starters are one of many reasons it’s great to live in the 21st century. Those frigid minutes starting your car in bad weather definitely belong in the past. Here are the most important reasons why you should consider getting a remote start system for your vehicle.

Benefits of Having Remote Start Functionality in Your Car

The extreme weather experienced in some parts of the country make the installation of a remote start system not only very appealing but practical as well.

Whether there is a freezing cold blizzard outside or baking heat, it’s possible to remote start your car from the comfort of your home to prepare the interior to the temperature you prefer. All that is required is for you to remember to leave the settings at the correct temperature when you use the car previously. Then when you want to activate the starter from the building you are in, the air conditioner or car heater will kick into gear making the inside perfect for occupation.

Of course, that’s not the only advantage to having a remote starter installed in your car. If a brisk exit is ever called for, starting your car remotely can be the difference between an unnecessary encounter with someone unwanted and a slick getaway. In a bad neighborhood, having this feature can limit your exposure to danger.

Leaving quickly and politely is also made easier when you buy your Tesla car accessories model 3. If someone is making it hard for you to leave by talking to you for a long time and your schedule is tight, simply activate the remote start effectively signaling that you are ready to leave.

Why Should I Buy a Remote Start System?

Even if your car has a factory installed remote start system, it’s still worth considering buying an after-market one. Standardized factory remote start systems have a limited range that is usually set at a maximum of 30 feet. That means there is not much choice in how far away you can be from the vehicle when you want to activate the remote start.

When you buy a remote start system that is installed after-market, they come with a much better range as well as many other features. There are high-tech quality remote start systems that can extend the activation range up to three miles.

These systems also offer a two-way remote upgrade that allows you to confirm your car has started if it’s out of sight. Once the command has been activated, confirmation of the reception is sent back.

A top-of-the-line remote start car system will include more features than a factory installed one. Water resistance, interactive LCD screens, USB charging capabilities, and the option of upgrades are some of the advantages of not settling for remote start factory installations.

When a system allows for upgrades, this can include the choice of extending it to include a high-tech security system. Some features that are added to this are impact detector sensors, intrusion or theft sensors, and an LCD two-way remote that alerts you to any of these occurrences when they are triggered.

Professional Remote Start Installer

The key to a smooth remote start installation in your vehicle is a professional technician to do it for you. They can help select the brand and make according to your needs and install it safely. This ensures the equipment works flawlessly and keeps it under guarantee so that your remote starter will be of service to you for a long time.


Top 3 Sony Marine Division Electronic Devices

Sony is known for being one of the leaders in the electronics industry. From speakers to stereos and headphones to Bluetooth connected devices, Sony continues to be the cream of the crop in terms of making the best and most efficient consumer electronics in the audio space.

What many may not know, however, is that some of the best audio equipment sailing the seas today is Sony Marine electronics.

Sony maintains a high-powered audio device with crystal clear sound to make any day on your boat feel like a little piece of paradise.

Below are some of the best products Sony has on the market today:

  • Marine CD Receiver with BLUETOOTH Wireless Technology

The Marine CD Receiver makes you think your boat is your living room, as only the best audio quality fills your ears.

To start, what makes this product great is that it is weatherproof. Whether it is raining and 30 degrees or hot, humid, and 90 degrees, the Marine CD Receiver has a UV resistant finish and can handle any weather conditions.

Additionally, some benefits of this product, in particular, are that you can connect multiple BLUETOOTH devices at one time, and, you can even control the product with your voice to play music, pause it, and make calls from your smartphone device.

  • Media Receiver with BLUETOOTH Wireless Technology

It’s cool, it’s sleek, and it will look great on your boat. Sony Marine products are not only top of the line, but they are versatile and are sure to make your trip on the sea much more enjoyable and relaxing.

The Media Receiver is one of Sony’s most versatile products on the market and adds to the dynamic capabilities of your boat. Like most Sony Marine electronics, it contains BLUETOOTH connectivity to transition seamlessly from song to song, connected device to radio, or from music to a phone call.

Moreover, it contains presents for FM/AM radio as well as the high-powered mega bass to play only the richest and purest audio available.

  • Marine Speakers

Sony’s marine speakers each come with a dual cone to produce high-class audio with crystal clear sounds.

Sony’s dual cone marine speakers can handle up to 40 watts worth of power. The dual cone design comes in 6.5 inches of rich, clear sound and includes a subwoofer to produce the clearest audio on the market.

Moreover, you can hear the highs and lows of each piece of audio you play as the dual cone marine speakers have 45-20000Hz. The speakers come in a black and white colored finish to fit with the current aesthetic of your boat.

Sony has some of the most innovative and best products on the market today to make your boat the best, and loudest, ship on the sea.