Sexual Assault: 10 Tips to Protect Yourself

If you have been sexually assaulted, you are not at fault. Many are times people have been blamed for being sexually assaulted for reasons such as, the clothes they wore were too provocative, or the walking style was suggestive. This, however, does not stand as a reason for the assault. The perpetrator is the ONLY one to blame. They decided to defile you, and they SHOULD be held accountable for their actions. You should not blame yourself or let anyone condemn you for that matter.

In that regard, I want to empower you with ten tips on how to avoid sexual assault. If by any chance, after following these tips, you encounter aggression, remember you are still NOT at fault. These tips reduce your risks of attack by helping you become more aware of the environment around you.

1.Trust your Gut Feeling.

When your instincts warn you to be cautious about someone, leave the person’s company. If at a social gathering you feel uneasy, leave the party. Always listen to your gut feeling. It is the body’s self-defense mechanism.

2.Maintain Privacy in your Online Accounts.

It is not wise to share too much information of your personal life in the social media platforms. This is because it attracts the wrong attention of those around you. Statistically, 61% of the perpetrators are people familiar to the victims. Maintaining privacy, therefore, ensures that little or no information is available for use against you in any attack.

3.Always be Resourceful.

When leaving your house, ensure that your phone’s battery is fully charged and that you have extra cash for emergencies. Having the phone numbers for cab companies helps you to be prepared.

4.Be on the Watch Out.

When walking alone, look out for dark alleys and any suspicious looking fellows. Look carefully at your surroundings to avoid surprise attacks. Avoid listening to music through the earphones but instead, listen to your surroundings. Tranquil paths signify very few or deserted tracks which are more risky to walk in, therefore, stick to populated areas. Walk with confidence and try to walk in groups of people when going anywhere especially at night.

5.Alert the Friends of your Whereabouts.

When going on a date or party, ensure that your friends or family know your destination. Have a secret code known only by the two of you in case of emergencies to allow for rescuing.

6.Keep the Company of your Friends especially at a Party.

Wandering alone in clubs or house-parties is risky as an attacker may corner you with the intentions of defiling you. Make sure if you are uncomfortable, consider leaving for home.

7.Be Conscious of your Alcohol Intake.

Over half of the sexual assaults reported are alcohol-related. In case you enjoy indulging in alcohol, it is wise to ensure that you maintain your limit, especially at parties to avoid being drugged. Take care of your drink and don’t leave it neglected. If you do, buy another and don’t accept a bottle from someone you don’t know.

8.Don’t feel Guilty of Saying No.

If your date suggests taking things to ‘the next level,’ but you feel uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to reject their advances. Lay down your limits and stand firmly by them. The other person should respect and withdrawal from any sexual affair.

9.Think of a Course of Action In Case of an Attack.

Imagine the reaction you would undertake equips you with a meticulous plan of work serving as a response to the unfortunate event. It should involve, being composed, seeking an escape route and in case of emergency, warding off your attacker.

10.Use Muscle as a Last Resort.

It works as a component of surprise in the event where there is no place to run. It can act as a lifesaver through the force applied and the unpredictability aspect. Easy steps such as shin kick and palm strike are active when well-practiced and mastered to disable the attacker.