Hardwood is known for its endurance as well as for the charm it acquires with age. Its elegance lies in the fact that even signs of wear and tear like dents and scratches seem to blend in with the hardwood planks and tiles. This gives it character which gets reflected in the welcoming warmth exuded by the room.But hardwood does not come cheap and hence one cannot afford to go wrong with the choice of the planks or tiles. Thus, in order to get the famed richness and classically elegant looks, it is necessary to consider the following points.

  1. Texture: This is a very important criterion for the selection of hardwood floors since it defines the final look of the flooring. Thus it is important to understand the kind of finish that a person is looking for. Based on this there are a few options available in the texture of hardwood like:
  • New and shiny which makes the whole room look beautiful and absolutely original and.
  • Antique and timeworn which is obtained by making the brand new hardwood planks undergo hand-scrapping and distressing so that years of heavy use get automatically disguised.

In both instances, the hardwood plank remains absolutely new and virginal.

Hardness: This is defined by the usage of the room where they are to be installed. For example the living room is the most lived room in the whole house. Thus for the installation of hardwood flooring for this room, hardwood from hard species of trees like red oak etc., need to be used since they are able to resist the effects of wear and tear much better. But other soft species like pine tend to make the signs of wear and tear quite apparent and should thus be used in rooms which

  • Witness lesser traffic or
  • Are covered by a carpet or rugs to prevent the scratching of the wooden floor.

Wood species: The type of wood selected generally depends on the colour of the original wood and the grains that it shows. In fact it would not be wrong to say that no wood obtained from different species will show the same grain pattern. This accounts for the uniqueness of hardwood. Thus while hard wood options like maple, oak, cherry etc., are very popular, softer species like mahogany, Brazilian cherry etc., are prized more for their looks than their hardness. They are ideally used or making furniture, wooden decorations etc. Wood species are also chosen on the basis of their colour which has a wide spectrum runs the whole gamut from being blonde to being absolutely black.

Width: This depends on the age of the hardwood tree from which the plank has been cut. Thus the buyer has a choice of selecting from:

  • Narrow planks around 3inches in width,
  • Wide planks which are of more than 3 inches,
  • Parquet squares,
  • Rectangle and normal squares.

Choosing the one which best compliments the décor of a room makes for a complete finish which is hard to replicate.
Finish: The buyer has the option of either opting for finished or pre-finished hardwood planks and tiles. While pre-finished wood ensures that the planks come with colour and lustre imbued in it. It is ready for installation and the use of these planks rather simplifies the installation process and also helps to eliminate dirt and dust. Site-finished hardwood planks and tiles, however, offer a wider selection of colours.

Another advantage is the ability to even out the present imperfections after the installation of the planks and tiles. This makes it easier to replace or repair in case they suffer any damage. Urethane is generally used to provide the necessary finesse to site-finish hardwood.

Stressing on the above given points eliminates chances of ambiguity and ensures that the buyer is able to zero-in on the perfect hardwood flooring for his house. There will be no confusion or unsurity and the hardwood flooring installed would give value for money for many years to come.

Author Bio: An expert in the nuances of the selection and the use of hardwood flooring, this “Flooring calgary” author likes to put forth simple articles regarding the same. This makes his articles immensely readable and easy to implement thereby making him very popular with the masses.