Top 3 Sony Marine Division Electronic Devices

Sony is known for being one of the leaders in the electronics industry. From speakers to stereos and headphones to Bluetooth connected devices, Sony continues to be the cream of the crop in terms of making the best and most efficient consumer electronics in the audio space.

What many may not know, however, is that some of the best audio equipment sailing the seas today is Sony Marine electronics.

Sony maintains a high-powered audio device with crystal clear sound to make any day on your boat feel like a little piece of paradise.

Below are some of the best products Sony has on the market today:

  • Marine CD Receiver with BLUETOOTH Wireless Technology

The Marine CD Receiver makes you think your boat is your living room, as only the best audio quality fills your ears.

To start, what makes this product great is that it is weatherproof. Whether it is raining and 30 degrees or hot, humid, and 90 degrees, the Marine CD Receiver has a UV resistant finish and can handle any weather conditions.

Additionally, some benefits of this product, in particular, are that you can connect multiple BLUETOOTH devices at one time, and, you can even control the product with your voice to play music, pause it, and make calls from your smartphone device.

  • Media Receiver with BLUETOOTH Wireless Technology

It’s cool, it’s sleek, and it will look great on your boat. Sony Marine products are not only top of the line, but they are versatile and are sure to make your trip on the sea much more enjoyable and relaxing.

The Media Receiver is one of Sony’s most versatile products on the market and adds to the dynamic capabilities of your boat. Like most Sony Marine electronics, it contains BLUETOOTH connectivity to transition seamlessly from song to song, connected device to radio, or from music to a phone call.

Moreover, it contains presents for FM/AM radio as well as the high-powered mega bass to play only the richest and purest audio available.

  • Marine Speakers

Sony’s marine speakers each come with a dual cone to produce high-class audio with crystal clear sounds.

Sony’s dual cone marine speakers can handle up to 40 watts worth of power. The dual cone design comes in 6.5 inches of rich, clear sound and includes a subwoofer to produce the clearest audio on the market.

Moreover, you can hear the highs and lows of each piece of audio you play as the dual cone marine speakers have 45-20000Hz. The speakers come in a black and white colored finish to fit with the current aesthetic of your boat.

Sony has some of the most innovative and best products on the market today to make your boat the best, and loudest, ship on the sea.