It makes sense to most people that workers compensation would vary from country to country across the world. While incomes countries such as the United States, the concept of workers compensation is well-established, it other countries it is either relatively new or altogether non-existent.

In the US, for instance, the history of workers compensation goes back more than 150 years, so it makes sense that every American state offers some form of workers’ compensation.

What makes less sense to most people is the fact that there are vast differences in both the coverage that workers compensation provides and the settlements or workers compensation payouts that are provided under these compensation schemes.

Workers Compensation Settlement Payments

Many people who receive workers compensation payouts back injuries or for other reasons are disappointed to find out that the payout they received is far less than what would be typically received for a similar injury under similar circumstances in another state.

Knowing the worker’s compensation payouts settlement guidelines and rules for your state can help you understand why you are getting paid out so much – or not enough – and understand why having a qualified workers compensation settlements attorney on your case is so essential.

Why Workers Compensation Varies Between States

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Workers compensation payouts vary so widely between states in large part because the law on workers compensation is highly jurisdictional. The laws and rules that determine the size of the payout are determined by previous judgments on cases within that state.

For example, payouts for workers compensation for disabilities related to back injuries in Georgia will be in large part determined by Georgia-specific laws and rules that are based on previous workers comp cases in the state of Georgia. The precedent set in Hawaii or Arkansas, even on an identical back injury case, would not be used at all.

Each individual state has the liberty to determine its own benefits for different work-related injuries. Unlike some countries in the world, there are no federal minimum payout amounts that are enforced across the country.

The schedule of benefits that determines just how much an individual’s injury is worth varies between all states, sometimes by as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The States That Pay the Most for Workers Compensation

Clearly, some states are more generous with their workers compensation payouts than are others do.

Georgia, the state where the concept of workers compensation was originally invented in the United States, is known for having some of the most generous worker’s compensation benefits in the country.

Other states that have workers compensation payouts that are among the highest include Oregon, Illinois, and Hawaii.