Writing the Perfect Resume

A hiring manager gets piles of different resumes per job opening. So, how to create a winning one that will set you apart from other applicants and will make a recruiter call you?

In order to understand how to write a perfect resume, first, we need to cover what a resume is and what to include. A resume is a concise well-organized summary of all candidate’s skills, abilities, qualifications, educational and working background. Typically, one page is enough for a good resume, but in some exceptional cases it can contain 2 pages. Recruiters spend on average 5–6 seconds to skim applicant’s resume. Therefore, the main rule is that it should be laconic as possible, and it should contain only the most relevant information, skills, experience and achievements to a specific job opening. If you have some information that will not make difference to an employer, erase it without hesitations. It is highly important to tailor your resume to each vacancy. Read carefully a job description, analyze company’s requirements and list all your qualification that will make you the best fit for this very position. It will be a halfway to success.

Then your job is to select an appropriate resume format that will fit company’s culture. There are three formats: chronological, functional and combination. Add a brief introduction: include your name, cellphone, email and LinkedIn profile. Your professional experience is an essential part of your resume. Create a chronological reverse list of professions and add up to 5 bullet points covering your main duties. In your education section you should mention the name of institution attended, a degree and years of graduation. If you have certifications, awards or other job-related technical skills, include it in an ‘additional’ section.

You can strengthen your resume with a cover letter. Some people think this is an old school, but a good cover letter can enhance your resume. This is an opportunity to cover in depth some skills, experience, achievements, explain your career goals and highlight your interest in a position.

As you can see, writing a resume is time-consuming. Fortunately, modern technologies allow to facilitate this process. You can check out resume templates and samples online that will serve you as a great example for your own.

Good luck in your job hunt!